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IEEE ICC 2012 Industry Forums Program

The Industry Forums are designed to deliver broad interest in telecommunication industry’s current practiced technology, major technology implementations, complex IT business systems, regulatory impact assessments, economic models, and engineering methods used by industry practitioners.

The Industry Forums are focused on three technology pillars with a total of 18 unique forum sessions planned. The duration of each of the forums is 105 minutes with a moderator and 3-6 speakers of with industry expertise in the featured topical area. After all the speakers have presented, a Q&A discussion will follow among the speakers and the audiences.

Tuesday, June 12 from 14:00 to 15:45

Infra02: Heterogeneous Networks Tuesday, June 12 from 14:00 to 15:45

Jie Zhang, University of Sheffield
Anand Srinivasan, Vice President - Technology & Product Management, EION Wireless, Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Panel on Heterogeneous Network (HetNet) Deployment: Challenges and Strategies

In the next decade, multiple cellular network technologies such as GSM/UMTS/HSPA/LTE/LTE-Advanced will co-exist. It is also expected that Wi-Fi and fixed networks will be used to offload 30%-50% of traffic from mobile networks, and is likely that some mobile operators will deploy both FDD and TDD technologies to meet the exponential traffic demand. Moreover, in LTE-Advanced networks, macrocells, remote radio heads (RRHs), microcells, picocells, femtocells, as well as relay stations will be used to cost-effectively provide seamless coverage and capacity in indoor and outdoor scenarios. In the near future, device-to-device communications may also become essential to improve energy efficiency and save resources at base stations. Furthermore, apart from traditional human-to-human communications, machine-to-machine communications will become more and more important to deal with smart infrastructure requirements. Hence, future networks will be heterogeneous in terms of radio access technologies (RATs), fixed or mobile, access node types, and long or short range.

Network heterogeneity will impose an enormous challenge for network operators to make the best use of their existing network infrastructures, and cost effectively deploy LTE/LTE-Advanced networks that comprise of different types of access nodes. Some of these challenges are:

  • Seamless indoor and outdoor coverage
  • Use just enough resources to meet users’ Quality of Experience requirement
  • Integration of fixed, Wi-Fi and cellular networks
  • Interference control and management
  • Self-organising networks (SONs)
  • Trade-off between energy and spectrum efficiency
  • Mobility management and handover control
  • Flexible backhauling

In this session, experts from network operators, telecom vendors and academia will discuss the challenging issues of HetNet deployments and the strategies to address them. In addition, possible industry and academia collaborations and research topics will be highlighted.

The session will encourage industry and academia interactions, and will be very attractive for network operators, telecom vendors and research organisations.

Small Cells in Heterogeneous Networks
Jie Zhang, University of Sheffield, UK
Enhanced Local Area (eLA) for Future Radio Access
Anass Benjebbour
David López-Pérez, King’s College London, UK
Wireless HetNet – Impact on Mobility and Backhaul
Dejan Beznec, Director - Engineering, EION Wireless, Ljubljana, Slovenia

MM01: Cloud Management Tuesday, June 12 from 14:00 to 15:45
Middleware and Management

Craig Farrell, CTO, Global Telecom Industry, IBM
The Cloud Changes Everything: Enhanced Revenue Opportunities for Service Providers
Ken Cheng, VP & GM, IP Products Division, Brocade
Enable your Cloud: How to Plan, Design and Manage Cloud Networks and Applications for the Future
Mannix O’Connor, Director of Technical Marketing, Optical Communications Systems Division, MRV Communications
Service Personalization in Telecom Networks - A Large Scale Cloud based Distributed Recommender Approach
Jobin Wilson, R&D, Flytxt Mobile Solutions Pvt. Ltd, India
Cloud Billing: The Missing Link for Cloud Providers
Rene Sotola, Vice President, CGI Global Telecommunications Sector
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