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IEEE ICC 2012 Industry Forums Program

The Industry Forums are designed to deliver broad interest in telecommunication industry’s current practiced technology, major technology implementations, complex IT business systems, regulatory impact assessments, economic models, and engineering methods used by industry practitioners.

The Industry Forums are focused on three technology pillars with a total of 18 unique forum sessions planned. The duration of each of the forums is 105 minutes with a moderator and 3-6 speakers of with industry expertise in the featured topical area. After all the speakers have presented, a Q&A discussion will follow among the speakers and the audiences.

Wednesday, June 13 from 16:15 to 18:00

Infra05: Mobile Backhaul Wednesday, June 13 from 16:15 to 18:00

David Keegstra, CTO, Ericsson Canada
Packet-based Mobile Backhaul Network with Synchronization – Myths versus reality
Zeev Draer, Vice President of Marketing, Optical Communications Systems Division, MRV Communications
The All-packet Network for Mobile Backhaul
Peter Green, General Product Manager, Ethernet Solutions, BTI Systems
Challenges with Enabling Dynamic LTE in 4G Infrastructure
Stephen F. Fiore, Principal Consultant & Sr. Principal RF Engineer, PrioriTech, Inc
The Proliferation of Ethernet in the Mobile Backhaul
Eric Hayes, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Network Switch, Broadcom Corporation
LTE Network Coverage
Tomas Novosad, Nokia Siemens Networks

MM04: Green Communications and Computing Wednesday, June 13 from 16:15 to 18:00
Middleware and Management

Jinsong Wu, Alcatel-Lucent, Bell Labs, China
Daniel Kilper, Bell Laboratories, USA

As the positive responses to global climate warming, the research and development of Green Communications and Computing have attracted extensive involvements from both industry and academia. The Technical Subcommittee on Green Communications and Computing (TSCGCC), the IEEE Communications Society, has been newly established as the dedicated Technical Subcommittee in this specific emerging research area ( The urgent needs and challenges of energy-sustainable, resource-saving, and environment-friendly green communications and computing technologies are introduced by simultaneously increasing trends of energy costs and communications bandwidths impacting ecological and economic activities around the world. Significant energy consumption reduction in the information & communications applications may be achieved through the innovative use of new architectures, protocols, and algorithms, which may fundamentally change concepts, structure, and designs of conventional communication and computing systems. Research in energy-efficient green communications and computing is inter-disciplinary in nature, since the motivation is to obtain energy efficiency from various areas and  levels of communication infrastructures and systems.

This panel will discuss various aspects of above mentioned issues. The panel speakers are several leading experts in the promising, important, and exciting topics on green communications and computing, who will present and discuss a number of paradigm-shifting technical approaches can be expected. This panel may bring the broad and in-depth vision of the emerging areas to the audiences in both industrial and academic perspectives.

As one of the leading enthusiastic efforts in promoting the research and development of green communications and computing, we definitely feel that this panel will be both informative and entertaining the ICC 2012 audiences.

Energy Trade-Offs for Next Generation Services
Daniel Kilper, Bell Laboratories, USA
Green Wireless Access Employing Fiber-connected Massively Distributed Antenna Systems
Victor Leung, University of British Columbia, Canada
Recent Progresses in Green Radio Communications
Shugong Xu, Huawei Technologies, China
Cognitive Green Communications: When Energy Meets Intelligence
Honggang Zhang, Zhejiang University, China
Fundamental limits of energy efficiency in the presence of QoS constraints and physical-layer security considerations
Mustafa Cenk Gursoy, Syracuse University, USA
A High Level View of Green Communications and Computing
Jinsong Wu, Bell Laboratories, China
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