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IEEE ICC 2012 Conference Registration Fees

Registration is required for all participants of IEEE ICC2012.

Authors must be registered:

  • by Friday, February 10, 2012 for technical symposia parpers
  • by Monday, February 29, 2012 for workshop parpers.

Non-refundable registration fees must be paid prior to uploading the final IEEE formatted, publication-ready version of the paper.

The registration confirmation code you receive enables you to upload your manuscript to EDAS submission site. Sharing this code with anyone else is unethical and consequences apply. This EDAS Author Account must be accessed using the original submitting author log-in information.

To be published in the IEEE ICC2012 Conference Proceedings and IEEE Xplore®, at least one Author of each accepted paper shall participate at the applicable FULL (R01, R04, R07) or LIMITED (R02, R05, R08) member or non-member fees and must present the paper at the conference.

One author of an accepted paper MUST register at the FULL OR LIMITED rate. All other co-authors of the paper who plan on attending ICC 2012 still need to register for the conference.

Authors who are IEEE Student Members must register at one of the IEEE ComSoc (FULL or LIMITED)) or IEEE Member (FULL OR LIMITED) rates. Authors who are students and are not IEEE members must register at one of the Non-Member rates (FULL or LIMITED).

For authors with multiple accepted papers, one (1) FULL registration is valid for up to three (3) papers. The maximum number of pages per paper is five (5). You may purchase up to two extra pages per paper at an additional cost.

Conference FEES

See the Participant Benefits (by registration type) page for more information about benefits associated with each registration level.

Participant Category EARLY
(On or before
April 12, 2012)
April 12, 2012)
IEEE ComSoc or Sister Society MemberIncludes a paperless+ Conference Device (tablet)
R01 – Full$890$1015
R02 – Limited$690$815
R03 – One Day (Tue, Wed., or Thu.)$505$590
IEEE (non-ComSoc or Sister Society) MemberIncludes a paperless+ Conference Device (tablet)
R04 – Full (D)$915$1040
R05 – Limited (E)$715$840
R06 – One Day (Tue, Wed., or Thu.)$530$615
Prospective Member / non-memberIncludes a paperless+ Conference Device (tablet)
R07 – Full (D)$1170$1350
R08 – Limited (E)$970$1150
R09 – One Day (Tue, Wed., or Thu.)$715$850
Special Categoriespaperless+ Conference Device (tablet) is Optional
R10 – IEEE Life Member$50$50
R11 – IEEE Student Member$310$370
R12 – Prospective / Non-member Student$385$460
R13 – Workshop(s) Only (each)
SM1-Two (2) Day$550$650
One (1)-Day$350$450
R14 – Tutorial(s) Only (each ½-day)**$250$350
R15 – Industry Forum (IF) & Exhibition Only
R15a-One Day$200$250
R15b-Three Day$450$550
R16 – Accompanying Person***No fee; however, use a separate form
R17 – Tablet for R10 to R15 categories$235
R18 – Tablet for R16 category$300
Additional Items (EXTRAS) (while quantities last)
EX01 – Conference Banquet Gala Ticket (each)$135
EX02 – Proceedings (CD or online) (each)$75
EX03 – Awards Luncheon Ticket (each)$65
EX04 – Over Length Page Fee (applies to 6th & 7th page; total length not to exceed seven pages) (each page)$100
EX05 – Exhibit Only Pass (each)$200
EX06 – Tablet Upgrade  to 32GB$116
EX07 – Tablet Upgrade to 64GB$232
to process


A)     All fees are in US Dollars.

B)     Cancellation Policy:   Any refund or cancellation request must be provided in letter (to the IEEE address below) or by e-mail ( before Friday, May 11, 2012.  No refund will be provided after this date.  A $100 administration fee is deducted from each refund or cancellation.  NOTE:  author registrations are non-refundable.

C)     Each participant may opt to upgrade their registration category at anytime for the difference between what was paid and the new fees.

D)     R04, R07, includes complementary IEEE Comsoc membership (digital delivery of IEEE Communications Magazine)

E)      R05, R08, includes complementary affiliate ComSoc membership (digital delivery of IEEE Communications Magazine)

    *  Special Interest Co-located event (SI1)

  ** The Full and Limited (R01-R02, R04-R05, R07-R08) registration includes One-half day free Tutorial. Additional Tutorials require additional fees.

*** All Accompanying Persons (i.e., Companion/Spouse) must complete separate registration form.  Accompanying Persons have are not permitted in the symposia or forum sessions (see the Participant Category Benefits table for entitlements)


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