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IEEE ICC 2012 Industry Forums Program

The Industry Forums are designed to deliver broad interest in telecommunication industry’s current practiced technology, major technology implementations, complex IT business systems, regulatory impact assessments, economic models, and engineering methods used by industry practitioners.

The Industry Forums are focused on three technology pillars with a total of 18 unique forum sessions planned. The duration of each of the forums is 105 minutes with a moderator and 3-6 speakers of with industry expertise in the featured topical area. After all the speakers have presented, a Q&A discussion will follow among the speakers and the audiences.

Tuesday, June 12 from 10:45 to 12:30

SA01: Social Networks Tuesday, June 12 from 10:45 to 12:30
Services and Applications

Neeli Prasad, Head of Research, Center for TeleInFrastruktur, Aalborg University, Denmark

Driven by rapidly changing requirements and business needs, ICT and applications are undergoing a paradigm shift: components are replaced by services, distributed over the network, and composed and reconfigured dynamically in a demand driven way into service oriented architectures.

It is quite impressive to see how asynchronous communication forms have reached wide success, yet by offering support only to traditional, text-based information exchange. These services are today at the basis of what has been defined as Social Networking, i.e. the possibility for individuals to interact, share, cooperate with others via the communications technology. The impact of such services can be measured not only in terms of the specific and direct service provided to their user constituency and their Quality of Life (QoL), but also in terms of their contribution to the emergence of new communication styles, network architecture, frameworks and language patterns.

The ability of the user to interact in a focused and personalized manner, as this is offered through the social networks, can transform the traditional one broadcast for all, to one broadcast, transformed to the needs of everyone.

New issues are raised related to actions of users/viewers and how this is influenced and influences viewing experience, how it affects the QoL and ways it can improve it, techniques for fusing user generated content in a non intrusive and annoying or destructing way with the broadcasted content and also how can user generated content modify the transmission.

Speakers from Industry and Academia will be invited to have discussion on the topics:

  • Social Interaction and Quality of Life (QoL)
  • Trusted Network Architecture and Infrastructure
  • Business Models
Social Networks: Impact on Quality of Life
Neeli Prasad, Head of Research, Center for TeleInFrastruktur, Aalborg University, Denmark
Everything Connected: Benefits and Challenges to Your Quality of Life
Philip Jacobs, Technical Lead, Cisco Systems
Multimedia is turning social: how Social Networks can affect our multimedia access
Ing Charalampos Z. Patrikakis, Professor TEI of Piraeus, Senior Research Associate of Institute of Communications and Computer Systems
Security and Business Model
Yuan Xiang Gu, Cloakware Co-Founder & Chief Architect; Senior Director, Irdeto Research, Ottawa
Social Networks Impact on Wireless Operators
Warren Cope, Senior Manager, Core Technology Strategy and Architecture, Sprint, USA

Infra01: Cloud Infrastructure and Networking Tuesday, June 12 from 10:45 to 12:30

David Lively, Director, Sales – Americas Service Provider Cloud and Video Architectures, Cisco
Simplifying the Path to a Profitable Next-Generation Network
Robert Keys, Chief Architect, Optical, BTI Systems
Split Radio Stacks and Cloud Wireless
Jordan Melzer, Senior Engineer, TELUS
The Interconnect Standard for the Data Center: 10GBase-T
Frank McCarthy, Principal Engineer PLX Technology, Inc.
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