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IEEE ICC 2012 Participant Benefits

The following tables lists the benefits that each participant will receive based on their registration level.

Participant Category

Participation in
IF or TP Sessions
Exhibition Receptions Tutorials &
any Handouts
Workshops & any Handouts Coffee Breaks Awards Luncheon Banquet Gala Proceedings paperless+

Conference Device (Tablet) & Gift


(R01, R04, R07)

For Tue. to Thu.

Technical Program

(IF Program included if space permits)

$200 value included
for registered day(s) only

for registered day(s) only

$250/$350 value included

(Note: exclude R15a; as seating permits)

Buy more sessions; get one lunch provided for every two ½-day

See Workshop fee details

Handouts provided on Tablet (if chosen)

Lunch provided for day of chosen workshop

for registered session(s)

Presenter gets breakfast on the day they present

$65 value included

$135 value included

$75 Value included for R01 to R09

Either included on tablet with participation category selected

Or on optional tablet (R17, R18)

Or $75 on CD/online (EX02).

Tablet included

(value of $499+tax & handling)


(R02, R05, R08)

can buy at $65

can buy at $135

Industry Forum (IF) ONLY

(R15a, R15b)

For Tue. to Thu.

IF Program ONLY

can buy at $235

ONE-Day, Life Member /Student

(R03, R06, R09, R10, R11, R12)

For Tue. to Thu.

Technical Program

(IF Program included if space permits)

YES—for selected session

Early can buy at $250, Late at $350

One lunch provided for every two ½-day

Tablet included for one-day registration;

Life Member/ Student $235


(R13, R14)

Register for another participation category.

can buy at $200

Sunday only

$235 (limited proceedings)

Accompanying Person


Access to Keynote Sessions and Hospitality Suite ONLY


In Hospitality Suite ONLY

$300 (no proceedings)

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